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Introducing dynamic pop-ups!

Elevate your portfolio website with our latest feature

A brand new feature for all creative minds and freelance professionals!

We are excited to announce a new addition to our website packages we have been working on for a little while. Many people using our single page package requested the ability to open a pop-up or modal window with additional content for further reading/information.

Bridging the gap between simple sites that only need a single page of content and larger more complex sites using our multipage package, we are pleased to introduce dynamic pop-ups!

Designed to take your portfolio website to the next level, dynamic pop-ups are a feature crafted with the modern creative professional in mind. Whether you're an artist, designer, photographer, writer, or any type of freelancer, dynamic pop-ups will help you present your work in a more engaging and impactful way. They allow users of our single page packages to have additional "pages" of content without needing our full multipage package to display additional text, video and images relating to their work.

What are dynamic pop-ups?

Dynamic pop-ups are an interactive gallery feature that allows you to display your projects in a dynamic, visually appealing format. With dynamic pop-ups your portfolio will come alive, offering visitors a rich, immersive experience that truly reflects the quality and creativity of your work. Our pop-ups can be launched from any link on your website, allowing you to output your content in any manner you like using our existing flexible content modules.

Rich media integration

Incorporate different types of media seamlessly - output a scrolling list of video embeds or images. This is perfect for multimedia artists, animators, or any visual freelancer who wants to provide a more comprehensive view of their work.

Mobile-responsive design

In today’s world, having a mobile-friendly portfolio is crucial. Dynamic pop-ups are fully responsive, ensuring your portfolio looks stunning on any device, whether it’s a desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

Perfect for portfolio websites

Many of our clients with simpler website needs wanted our budget friendly single page website package but found they occasionally needed an extra area, a bit like a new page, just to display some deeper content from a link, but they did not need our full multipage package with nested pages and navigation etc.

Dynamic pop-ups offer you the tools to create a portfolio that not only showcases your work but does so in a way that is engaging and interactive. This feature makes our website packages even more flexible and lets us create an affordable, efficient portfolio website for you in no time with zero hassle!

See it in action here!
Camera woman 3

Want your own portfolio website setup in no time?

If this sounds like something that would be useful to you give us a shout! We can create a new portfolio website based on an old outdated website or develop something new from scratch. You can send us your content however you like, word, pdf, email and we will have your site ready to go!