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How does the Splendid Web website builder work?

Let us get your new website up and running ASAP

A rapid website builder for small business

Our website builder package is specifically designed for small business owners. We noticed a lot of people getting held up in running their business by not having a website and the task of creating one can be daunting to begin, delaying other more important business focus. 

We also come across a lot of people who's current website was very outdated and often not functioning correctly due to it not having been updated in a long time.

We wanted to create a solution for this which was cost effective and quick. To get a smart, modern, efficient website up and running for people without the initial cost outlay and without the normal time delay of having to go through a whole design and build process, something that can often take months and that can be unnecessary. 

We wanted a solution that would make sure that the site software is routinely kept updated so that it doesn't get left behind new web technologies and start going wrong.

We selected key modules or components that we were seeing time and time again in our bespoke projects and have built a website template using those modules and giving them flexible settings to adjust the look and branding.

So how does it work?

This is the normal process for getting a new website up and running using our speedy builder package:

  • Initial contact: You get in touch with us and let us know you need a new site, either to replace an old one or because you dont have any existing online prescence.
  • Planning meeting: For most clients it is suitable to have an initial meeting just to go over the plan for the new site and to take you through the capabilities of our template and what it can and can't do. This is normally online via Google Meet or similar. As part of this process we make sure this option is suitable for your needs. If it isn't we will offer an alternative, either going down the custom or bespoke website design and build route or using a completely different service if that is more suitable.
  • The build: Once we are all happy with a solution we get to it! We will build out your new website using either your existing content or any content you can supply us with. This can be as simple as sending us a word document with your text and a few photos/videos. We always try to use high quality images so we will ask for high resolution photos where possible. If you have a logo and current branding we will use that or if not we will suggest some options and populate the site with them.
  • Review: After the initial build we will create what is called a 'staging' site. This is a private version of your new website where we can review it with you and make any tweaks/changes to the content, layout or branding.
  • Go live: When everyone is happy with the staging site we push to live! Your site will be hosted on our managed web hosting servers so you don't need to worry about any web hosting or DNS settings, all of that is taken care of.

How long does it take?

Generally we aim to turn around a new site like this within a day or two. This does depend on your content and if you have anything available for us to use so it is worth thinking about that in advance. If you are struggling with creating initial content do speak to us as this is something we can help out with as an extra service.

Compared with a bespoke design and build which can often take months this is an extremely quick and easy way to get a website up and running and gain visibility for your business. We are very excited about this product and think it offers a great service for business owners who are struggling with getting a new website off the ground.

What about SEO?

Our template is built with SEO at its core. The page markup is designed to make all of your content visible to Google and other search engines. When building your initial site we will make recommendations for your content and optimise all images and text to increase your website visibility. Your site has a sitemap as standard which can be viewed by adding "/sitemap.xml" to the end of your domain. 

Finally our Website Builder packages are built from the ground up to be extremely fast, both on desktops and mobiles. We provide as standard:

  • Responsive imagery - providing image sizes for all screen sizes all the way from mobile up to high res monitors
  • Image & video lazy loading - images are only loaded into the browser when in vision
  • Page caching - reducing database queries across the board so pages load lightening fast

We tested this site in page insights and gained a score of 89 on mobile and 99 on desktop.

If you need any ongoing support with SEO and content creation get in touch as this is something we provide as an additional service.

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