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Case study: A new website for a B&B

Bringing a B&B website up to date in a matter of hours

B&B website requirements

Claire Rose from Rook Lane House has been a long time website host of ours. She had an older Wordpress website which had become temperamental and buggy and was often dropping offline due to lack of ongoing updates to plugins and the system software etc. When she did login to update the software it would often break and cause the site to stop working altogether. These interruptions were causing issues for users and affecting bookings.

She approached us to discuss a replacement website. Budget was a big factor and building a full bespoke site with a design phase etc. was not an option. We suggested our Website Builder multipage package as it covered all the main features her existing site had plus added a lot more flexibility to cover new content she wanted to output. As she was already hosting her existing site with us the small increase in monthly cost was worth the peace of mind to make sure that the site was managed into the future and kept up to date regularly.

Rook Lane House old website homepage
Rooklane house old intro

Rook Lane House B&B - old website

We audited the old website and pulled out most of the content that was suitable to be used for the new site directly from there. 

Most of the written copy was good and didn't require much updating but we looked at how we could break it down into more readable sections across the pages and integrate some of the great imagery she had of the B&B throughout.

We also scattered testimonials throughout the site for easy viewing whilst browsing content.


Rook Lane House B&B - new website

Once we had a good idea of the required structure we built out the new site using our Website Builder multipage package. We had a test site available for her to view within a few hours. To finalise we jumped on a quick video call with her to go through and make final amends and content changes before sending the new site live!

From initial contact to the final site going live was less than a week after reviews and amends and she now has a stable, fast, secure site which is regularly maintained by us.

Logo blue 1
I can’t believe how quickly Splendid Web got my website up and running. My new website is frikkin awesome, I love it! And equally as important, my customers love it too. I am very pleased I made the transition. It is totally painless and affordable. Claire Rose - Rooklane House

What about SEO, is this affected by a new website?

SEO is very important to consider when creating a new website, especially if it will be replacing an old site that has been in place for many years and already has significant search presence. 

When building the Rook Lane House website we made sure wherever possible to maintain the same URL structure so most pages wouldn't be affected at all. If our new content structure required different URL's then we put in place redirects for the old ones so that any legacy traffic made its way to the correct pages.

We also kept in place any important meta tags from the old site and updated and improved these where needed to make sure that pages would gain high visibility.

Finally our Website Builder packages are built from the ground up to be extremely fast, both on desktops and mobiles. We provide as standard:

  • Responsive imagery - providing image sizes for all screen sizes all the way from mobile up to high res monitors
  • Image & video lazy loading - images are only loaded into the browser when in vision
  • Page caching - reducing database queries across the board so pages load lightening fast

We tested this in page insights and gained a score of 94 on mobile and 98 on desktop.

Rook Lane House B&B

Rook Lane House is a beautiful B&B in the heart of Frome and we highly recommend getting in touch if you are staying in the area. We loved creating this site for Claire and wish her all the best with her ongoing business, knowing that we have got her back when it comes to her online presence! 

Hummingbird events 2

Want your own website setup in no time?

If this sounds like something that would be useful to you give us a shout! We can create a new site based on an old outdated website or develop something new from scratch. You can send us your content however you like, word, pdf, email and we will have your site ready to go!